A new technology for Ablation of Soft Tissue Tumors

Eric Kortz, MD performs Colorado’s first application of NanoKnife® ablation of a soft tissue tumor on
April 1, 2011.

We would like  to take the opportunity to introduce you to a new technology applicable in ablation of soft-tissue tumors.   Particularly troublesome circumstances have existed in liver tumors close to large blood vessels, as well as biliary tumors and pancreatic tumors in locations involving blood vessels not able to be resected.

Radiofrequency ablation utilizing application of a needle and heat technology has allowed treatment of intrahepatic tumors to a very high degree of success.  Unfortunately, this high temperature therapy cannot be utilized for biliary tumors or pancreatic tumors due to destruction of biliary elements with the risk of leak or the possibility of pancreatic disruption and leak of enzymes.

The technology being introduced is referred to as NanoKnife® (from angiodynamics).  This is an array of needles placed around a particular soft-tissue tumor and the generation of electrical pulses resulting in small pores in the cell membrane leading to cell death (apoptosis).  This irreversible damage to the surface of the membrane allows for tumor cells to go through the process of apoptosis while connective tissue structures are preserved.  Unlike radiofrequency or microwave ablation, this technique does not generate high heat.

Because of the physical elements of this particular ablation technique, treatment of unresectable biliary tumors and unresectable pancreatic tumors is now possible and feasible.

Dr. Eric Kortz has completed training and certification in the use of this technology and is actively taking consultations for evaluation of patients and their candidacy of this particular local ablation technique.  We are extremely excited about the opportunity that this will provide many patients who have not had an option beyond local radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

At the present time this technology is felt to be appropriate in its  introduction after established standard of care,  external beam radiation radiation therapy, and chemotherapy have been utilized.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kortz for further questions you may have.  We are actively seeing patients to discuss possible benefits of this ablation technique.

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